Parents and the playground

Research by Guide Dogs Children and Young People Services, has shown that significant numbers of children and young people with a vision impairment experience bullying at school. Our report also shows that many children with sight loss are being excluded from everyday activities by both their sighted peers and adults too, which leaves them feeling isolated and alone.

With a little help, children and young people with sight loss can do many of the same things as sighted children. Through our support services, we enable children with a vision impairment to reach their potential, but we also fight to raise awareness and understanding on behalf of children who are blind or partially sighted.

Bullying is a deeply upsetting experience for any child and their parents, but help is at hand.

A study of attitudes towards children and young people with sight loss

Parents and the playground

Information for young people with sight loss who are being bullied, as well as for their parents can be found below. We have also provided advice for the parents of sighted children who would like to find out how they can create a more inclusive environment for children with sight loss.

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