Sighted guiding service

What is My Guide?

My Guide is our free service that enables people with a vision impairment to get out of their homes and into the community. With a volunteer as your sighted guide, you can overcome challenges presented by unfamiliar places or crowded areas, enjoy exploring your surroundings and ultimately become more independent.

What are the benefits of My Guide?

As well as promoting mobility, sighted guiding can build self-confidence and increase social interaction by:

  • improving your independence, confidence and ability to get out and about
  • enabling you to participate in social, leisure and fitness activities of your choice
  • creating new friendships and connections in your community

Watch our video to find out how My Guide helped Agatha continue doing the things she loved, with her guide Hannah.


Apply for My Guide

Applying for our My Guide service involves just a few simple steps:

  • 2 - Chat with us
    We’ll ask you some questions and talk you through the service, so we can understand how My Guide could work for you
  • 3 - Await a match
    We’ll match you with an approved My Guide volunteer who has received full training in how to guide – this will include a meeting to ensure you’re comfortable working together. Read how My Guide helped Norma gain her confidence back.

We are committed to delivering the My Guide service nationally, but in some areas, this is not always possible as the service relies on support from and availability of volunteers. In these situations, we can train friends and family on how to guide.

If you are interested in partnering with a My Guide ...

If you are interested in volunteering as a sighted guide please visit our volunteering pages

Margaret and her My Guide Jo Volunteer with us