How to apply for a role

Applying for one of our roles is quick and easy, but to help you we have provided some tips and information about our recruitment process.

Our recruitment process

Each advertised role will have a candidate pack providing the specific details relating to the role and recruitment process that you are applying for.

We follow safer recruitment practices, which means we consider the safeguarding of the vulnerable people we work with throughout our recruitment processes. It allows us to do the best we can to make sure the people we recruit have the right motivations for working with us.

Our recruitment processes are also designed to minimise the impact of unconscious bias and ensure a fair and consistent process across all applicants.

To give you an idea of what to expect during our recruitment process, here are the key stages you will work through:

Did you know? We employ more than 1,500 staff across Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales. We also have a community of over 14,000 volunteers who give around 13 million hours of support each year.

Tips for applying

Preparation is key

  • Please remember to fully read the advert and any supporting documents to make sure you’re clear on what the role involves and the type of candidate we’re looking for. 
  • Within the job description, review the person specification section and identify all the criteria required - both essential and desirable (as a guide, each element could be viewed as an individual criterion). 
  • Review your CV, work history, skills and experience and identify how they match with the essential and desirable (if applicable) criteria.
  • For each skill and/or experience you have identified, provide a clear, specific example that demonstrates your suitability for the role. To make sure your examples clearly demonstrate the criteria the following format can help you be specific:

    S – What was the situation?
    T – What was the task you had to do?
    A – What action did you take?
    R – What was the result?
  • The STAR format is also a good approach to take when answering interview questions to ensure you provide a well structured and comprehensive response.
  • Prepare to be questioned on any examples you give in your application in your interview.

Re-read your application

It may sound simple, but our top tip would be to re-read your application, the advert and supporting documents before submitting the application. It’s a useful opportunity to make sure you have:

  • Included everything you think is relevant.
  • That your spelling and grammar is correct.
  • That you have addressed all the essential, and if relevant, the desirable criteria from the person specification with clear and specific examples that showcase your skills and knowledge. 
  • Remember to save a copy of your completed form – this will be useful for you to refer to when preparing for your interview.

Things to avoid

To help you put forward a strong application, here are some common errors that people can make:

Do you have any queries?

If you have any questions about this process, please contact our People Services Centre:

0118 354 0345

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