Working with us

Every day our incredible people are helping to change lives. We have ambitious plans to increase the amount of support we’re able to provide for people with sight loss. To do this, we’re investing in our people and recruiting many new roles across the charity.

Our roles

We have a diverse range of roles across the organisation working alongside our volunteers, service users and supporters. From reception coordinators to guide dog trainers, fundraisers to habilitation specialists, IT specialists to volunteering coordinators. All of our roles make a vital contribution to the lives of those living with sight loss.

Our behaviours

Our behaviours capture the essence of what it is to be part of the Guide Dogs Team. They reflect who we are but also who we aspire to be.

We are:


We’re a group of people working to help each person affected by sight loss. We listen, and recognise that every individual is different in where they’ve come from and where they’re going. We are open, empathetic and inclusive. We place the person at the centre of every decision.


We are specialists in what we do. We are committed to excellence and will never stop innovating. We respect our history, but seek out ways to adapt and improve, and are always willing to learn.


We are relentless in our belief that people with vision impairment can lead the life they choose. We are passionate about helping each person, committed to challenging barriers, and proud of who we are and what we achieve.

So, we:


We only change lives when we collaborate. We build valued relationships with donors. We work together with our service users and colleagues, volunteers and partners – and our dogs, of course – to deliver great outcomes. We support and develop each other.


We can all be a guide. We take the lead and then hand it over, empowering people to make progress independently. We gain trust by having faith in others and influence by example. We do what we say we will.


We cannot change lives if we look on from the side-lines. We get involved, take ownership and feel responsible for all we do, think and say. We celebrate wins big and small and we hold ourselves and each other to account.


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