When a bitch comes into season (approximately every 7 months) she will be brought into the breeding centre for mating. Extensive research is carried out to select an appropriate stud dog and this is married to the bitch with reference to her own qualities.

Blood samples are taken from a bitch due for mating to evaluate the progesterone levels, which rise at the point of ovulation, so we know she is ready for mating. While we always try to effect natural mating wherever possible, at times it is necessary to artificially inseminate. We are proud that our conception rates remain consistently high at over 95%.

At approximately 4-5 weeks post mating, the bitches are checked for pregnancy using an ultrasound scanner and to determine the number of pups expected. The average gestation period is 63 days and our average litter size seems to be on the rise, currently at 7.6.