Canine science

About the Guide Dogs canine science programme

The canine science team undertakes robust, valid and ethical research into dog health, behaviour, wellbeing and reproduction. The team provides insightful, timely and actionable research outputs that enable Guide Dogs to partner happy, healthy dogs with people with vision impairment in the most efficient, effective and forward-thinking way, maximising dog wellbeing, helping Guide Dogs be the best they can be and supporting Guide Dogs’ strategy.

Our canine science objectives

  • To promote high-quality research which will inform, preserve and enhance performance in our dogs, maintain the effectiveness of our dogs in their lifetime (temperament, health, training and environment), and ensure the highest standards of animal wellbeing to enable them to meet the physical and emotional needs of people with vision impairment.
  • To communicate research results back into our breeding and training programmes to maximise their impact for the benefit of both our dogs and clients.
  • To disseminate research outputs to the veterinary profession, to the wider scientific community and practitioners, and to sector professionals, to promote best practice and to encourage the continuation of further research.

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