Locating dropped items

The following checklists are a guide to help you locate dropped items.

Searching a small area by hand
Searching a small area by hand

  • If you drop an item, stop immediately and listen for the sound it makes as it lands. 
  • Turn to the direction of the sound. 
  • Make small circular movements with your foot to explore the area. Repeat with your other foot if necessary.

    Make small circular movements
  • When your foot finds the item, squat down. Remember to use upper body protection as you bend to pick it up, or kneel if you need more balance.
  • Use the spiral search technique, making small circular movements and extending as far as you can reach. 
  • If you can’t find the dropped item, try moving forward one-step and repeat your search again.
  • Remember to use your upper and lower body protection as you explore, bend and stand.

Searching a larger area with your long cane

Searching a larger area with your long cane
This is an adapted technique should not be used when other people are present as it could be a trip hazard.

  • Squat down, or kneel for more balance, and place your long cane flat on the surface you want to search. 
  • Position your cane central to your body, with the tip of the cane pointing away from you.
  • Hold the top of the grip stationary (to act as a pivot point) and slowly pivot the cane in an arc from left to right (or vice versa), covering the area. Alternatively, you could move the entire cane from side-to-side, keeping the cane tip pointing away from you.