Managing your finances and household paperwork

In this section, you’ll find hints, tips and advice on how to access banking information, storing important documents, and managing your money.

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Getting organised

One of the best ways to make it easier for you to identify bank statements and financial information is to have an organised system for storing them.  

For example:

  • Keep everything in a dedicated place such as a box file or filing cabinet and use an organised system such as A-Z or banking at the front, insurance at the back etc. Use either large print, Braille, colour coded (if you can see colour) or audio labels using a device such as a PenFriend, to identify each section.
  • If you store information electronically, use a similar system, such as A-Z or categorised folders. 
Write in a way you understand – PenFriend, Braille, etc. on every envelope and file in labelled folders in one place. Be organised!
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Accessing bank statements and other important documents 

There are several ways to access your bank statements including:

It’s also worth contacting your bank’s accessibility section for advice and support.

Our blind hacks for managing household information.

Apps and digital tools

There's a wide range of free budgeting and money management apps, available on iOS and Android phones and tools including:

Whilst apps and websites like these can make life easier when living with sight loss, they also create a lot of opportunities for fraud. For more advice on this, take a look at our guidance for staying safe online.