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Use Clips to make quick, fun, and engaging videos to share with your friends through social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok or Snapchat.

Apple’s video creation app has a simple, clean interface. It’s loaded with creative elements such as animated stickers, emojis and text, and other effects and sounds to make your videos more entertaining.

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What is the app Clips?

Clips is an excellent application for making projects stand out from the rest. The easy-to-use layout makes it suitable for all ages. As a social video editing app, it offers the ability to make video clips for you to share online or with friends and family on any social media platform.

How to use Clips app

  • Download the app on your iOS device from the App Store and find it in your app library by swiping left on your home screen and searching ‘Clips’ in the top bar (the full app is only available for devices running iOS 14 or later).
  • Select the app to open.
  • It will default to the front camera to start a selfie.
  • To record video, press and hold the large red record button.
    While you’re pressing the record button, you can swipe up to lock the recording mode, so you don’t need to hold down the button to film. When this happens, the button changes to a red square. To stop recording, tap on the button again.

Large record button

  • The on-screen menu offers the following elements:
    The lightning bolt is the flash option; tap to activate or deactivate.
    The circular arrows will flip the camera from the front to the back.
    The multi-coloured star opens the effects options.
  • The effects include live subtitles, text, stickers, selfie scenes (including memojis), emojis and filters.
    Tap on the coloured circles icon to access the filters, which can adjust the look of your video clips with several preset options, such as ‘aged film’, which creates an old movie look to your recording.

Filter options

  • The speech bubble icon opens Live Titles. This is a great way to add subtitles to the screen in real-time as you speak.
    As with the colour filter options, there are several titles to choose from.
    You can choose the language of the live titles but tapping on the language globe icon to the right of the title options. It will be English by default.

Live title option

  • Tap the Aa icon to add colourful text to your video; scroll upwards to find your preferred style.
    After selecting a style, the text can be edited and moved around the screen. If you need to change it later, tap on the text to edit or delete it.
    Add text feature
  • Select the red sticker icon to find fun and creative graphics to add to your video. There are several stickers to choose from arrows to emphasise your ideas to seasonal graphics to make your videos festive.

Sticker options

  • The last option in the filters window is the emoji icon. Tap the smiley face to add emojis to your Clips video.
  • While on the main screen, tap the overlapped photos icon to add a photo or poster to your reel. 
    If prompted, allow for access to photos and posters.
  • Selecting photos will open your images from your device’s photo library.

Two options for either photos or posters

  • ‘Posters’ allows you to add a still to your video; there are several poster designs to choose from.
    To add your chosen poster to the reel, record the poster with the red record button.
    The timer at the top of the screen indicates how long you have recorded the poster.
    Selection of poster designs
  • Your recorded content appears as squares in a timeline format at the bottom of the screen. 
    To assemble your segments into your desired order, press and hold the squares until it animates. Then drag and drop the square into the correct position.
  • To edit your clips, tap on the square you want to change, and an options menu will appear (see screenshot below). If you’re using a smaller screen such as an iPhone, you may need to swipe from right to left to see all the editing options.

Editing options for a video clip

The menu features the following options:

  • Effects (multi-coloured star symbol) give you the same functions as previously mentioned.
  • Mute removes the sound from your clip.
  • Delete remove the clip from the reel.
  • Trim opens the clip within a timeline at the bottom of the screen so you can reduce the length of the clip. Drag the handles at the left and right of your clip to trim or length your clip.
  • Split is similar to trim; use the white handle and move it to where you’d like to split the clip. Once this has been moved, tap on spilt in the bottom right and two clips will appear in your timeline.
  • Duplicate creates a copy of your clip.
  • Save Clip saves a copy of your movie clip to your device’s photos folder.
When you’ve finished editing your clips, tap done in the top left corner to return to the main screen.
  • To add music to your content, tap on the music note in the top right corner.

Music note symbol

  • In the menu options, tap on Soundtracks to open the soundtracks menu.
    From here, tap on the downloadable tracks to add background music to your reel. The soundtracks are ordered by categories such as pop or playful.
    You can add music from your device’s music library by selecting My Music.
  • When your video is complete, tap on the share icon (a square with an arrow pointing upwards) in the bottom right corner of the screen.
    From here, you can share your video straight to your social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or TikTok.
    You can also share it directly with your friends and family through iMessage, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, for example.
    You may want to choose the Save Video option to send the completed reel to your photos folder.

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