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Talking clocks tell the time audibly.  The pre-recorded or digital voice is intended to be, clear and easy-to-understand, for most people. They can be incredibly helpful if you're living with sight loss, as they provide a reliable and accessible way to support you to keep track of time, stay on schedule and manage daily tasks. 

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What is a talking clock?

There are many models of talking clocks available, with a range of features and designs to suit different needs. Some talking clocks have large buttons or displays that can make it easier for some people to press and read, while others have tactile markings to help you locate different functions. 

Most talking clocks can be programmed to announce the time at specific intervals, and some offer additional features like alarms, reminders, and temperature readings. 

The more technically advanced talking clocks, such as Lenovo Smart Clock can be linked to smartphones or devices, allowing you to set reminders and alarms on the go.

Whether you're looking for a simple talking clock or a more advanced model with lots of features, there's sure to be a talking clock that meets your needs.

How much do talking clocks cost?

Talking clocks range in price starting from around £10 to £50 and more, depending on the features you require. 

What is the best talking clock out there?

When selecting a talking clock, a few key factors should be considered. First and foremost, think about where you want to put the clock and how you plan to use it, for example, the proximity of your mains sockets.  Ideally, you'll want a clock with a clear and easy-to-understand voice with the option to have regular or ad hoc time announcements.

A clock with an enlarged analogue or digital display is also helpful if you have some sight, but if you’re relying on audio time telling, you might be looking for tactile markings to help you to navigate the clock's features. 

The clock's size and portability are also considerations, as well as additional features like alarms, reminders, or temperature readings. 

Ultimately, by taking the time to think about which features are important to you, a talking clock can be a helpful and effective tool that enhances your daily life. 

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