People with sight loss are using technology every day, it's opening up the world for them and enabling them to make many more choices about where they go and what they do. At Guide Dogs, we work in collaboration with others to influence the design of technologies, ensuring they meet your needs.

Did you know?

Vispero, the manufacturers of assistive technology software products JAWS, ZoomText and Fusion, have recognised that some people might have lost access to their favourtie software while working from home due to Coronavirus (COVID-19).

They've therefore made access to them FREE for 90 days!

Read how to get your free copy.

Alternatively, you can also download NVDA, a screen reader for Windows, which is always free. Or you can try the screen reader or magnifier built into Windows 10. To start the magnifier, press Windows + Plus; to turn it off, press Windows + Escape.

Opening up the world with technology

A man listening to an ear piece wearing sun glasses

Microsoft Soundscape is an app that empowers you to become aware of your surroundings and help you with your mobility needs.

A woman using a smartphone

Take a look at our series of accessible videos to help explain many of the useful accessible features on your iPhone.

Coming in 2020

Guide Dogs' staff across the UK are undergoing enhanced technology and digital inclusion training so that we can advise you on what tech solutions will work best for you. A network of technology ambassador volunteers will also be introduced in all regions to further support four key areas:

  1. Mobility
    • Smartphone apps for rail travel, route planning and orientation
    • Devices such as smart canes/aids, smart glasses and haptic feedback wearables
  2. Independent living skills
    • Smartphone apps for talking cameras, audio descriptions of the world around you and putting you in touch with sighted guides
  3. Smart home technology
    • Amazon speakers, smart lighting and smart plugs
  4. Digital inclusion
    • Help setting up online services such as shopping and streaming music