Our Corporate Partner: Barclays

Barclays has been our banking partner since June 2017. As well as offering us invaluable advice as our corporate bank, Barclays has raised an incredible amount of money.

What we've achieved

Barclays has raised thousands through regional “test the team” quiz events, including an incredible £56,000 over 5 days. To celebrate, Barclays created a partnership case study called “A Dogs Tale” which was nominated for two B2B International Marketing Awards and won a Financial Innovation Award under the “Innovation in Marketing & Communications” category.

More recently, we delivered our VIP reception at our Christmas Wishes concert in partnership with Barclays. With funds raised, they have named a guide dog puppy ‘April’ and will be supporting her journey to becoming a life-changing guide dog.

Karen Hurn, Barclays Corporate Head of Support, was part of a team of people who helped bring clients, colleagues and the charity together to fund and train a guide dog for life. She said;

It was such a privilege to work closely with the Guide Dogs team. Not only did we achieve and smash our target, we educated over 600 people along the way. The collaboration between colleagues, clients and the charity was, and will remain very strong. We can all be justifiably proud to have funded our Barclays puppy which will, I am certain, change their owner's life forever. Thanks again to everyone who was part of our special Guide Dogs journey.
Karen Hurn, Barclays Corporate Head of Support

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