Our Corporate Partner: Citi

We are really excited to be Citi’s London Charity Partner for 2020/2021.

Our partnership fundraising target is £350k to transform 178 lives by matching and training people with sight loss in London to guide dogs or volunteer sighted guides. 

Guide Dogs were chosen from a large field of applicants to become the bank’s new partner after being nominated by Citi employee, Patrick Moran. Patrick, who has been at Citi for 20 years and also a guide dog owner, has a form of sight loss known as retinitis pigmentosa.

Citi has been an exemplary employer to me and the willingness to support both me and my guide dog, Yoda means the world to me.
Patrick Moran, Citi employee and guide dog owner

“I’m incredibly pleased that Citi has chosen Guide Dogs to be their London Charity Partner, especially as I’m a beneficiary of the fabulous work that Guide Dogs deliver. Citi has been an exemplary employer to me and the willingness to support both me and my guide dog, Yoda means the world to me. The partnership between Citi and Guide Dogs will show what we can do together.”

Throughout the partnership, Citi is supporting us by engaging in a range of exciting fundraising activities, challenge events, and volunteering, including bespoke training in sighted guiding for employees. We will also raise awareness of sight loss, eye health and our life-changing work. 
All vital funds raised means that together, we will open up the world for more people with sight loss in London.

Citi Employee Volunteering

The impact of corporate volunteering

At Guide Dogs, we value our corporate partners such as Citi, who provide not only vital funds for our life-changing work but also dedicated employee volunteers.

We benefit from the corporate volunteers' time, passion and expertise, and for volunteers, they get to learn about the challenges faced by people with sight loss. We're often told that volunteering with Guide Dogs makes an enormous and meaningful difference to their lives, as they get to see the real and tangible impact their support provides.

Corporate volunteering is beneficial for everyone. Companies value employee volunteering to learn new skills, connect teams, build loyalty and engage in funded projects. Employees benefit from giving back and having new experiences. For people with sight loss, volunteers' support is quite literally life-changing.

Guide Dogs will be providing employees at Citi with numerous volunteering opportunities, including the chance to become a sighted guide and support a member of their local community living with sight loss.

Meet Citi employees and volunteers William and Kevin

William and guide dog puppy Theia

William Jones and his family are the puppy raisers for Theia, the guide dog puppy who was named by Citi employees through a competition.

Theia is the third puppy that William's family has looked after. William commented, "Our first puppy Rose is now a working guide dog and it was great to have the opportunity to meet up with her and her owner last year to hear about the difference Rose is making to his life.

Confident that Theia will go on to be a successful guide dog, William is now starting to take her on longer walks and concentrating on her recall. They are also working on obedience, teaching her to wait and exercise self-control around food.

I was very pleased when Citi announced that Guide Dogs would be their London charity partner. It's a fantastic charity that makes a difference to people's lives and I'm proud that we can be part of helping.
William Jones, Citi employee and volunteer puppy raiser

Kevin and guide dog puppy Sienna

Kevin Green and his family are the puppy raisers for Sienna. Having previously participated in individual fundraising activities, they wanted to do something together as a family. Kevin commented, "As puppy raisers, we help support and train a guide dog puppy until they reach advanced training. We appreciate the responsibility of training a future guide dog and the enormous benefits it can give someone with their mobility and confidence."

Sienna's training has been going well. She has been well behaved when the family has taken her to restaurants, on buses and the Tube. They are training Sienna to be consistent with commands and obedient on her walks.

The staff at Citi chose to support Guide Dogs because we are a very diverse bank of clients and staff, and it is important that we support the community. Guide Dogs provides an incredible and valuable service for many people throughout the UK.
Kevin Green, Citi employee and volunteer puppy raiser